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One of our core philosophies is that every child has a talent for creative expression. That child may just need the confidence to bring that out.

-Suzanne Spano
Star Kidz Director/Co-Owner

Star Kidz is the unique after-school performing arts program that combines singing, acting and dancing – all in ONE class for girls and boys ages 3-17. We emphasize the importance of maintaining a small student-to-teacher ratio. One of our core philosophies is that every child has a talent for creative expression. Some kids come in with tons of confidence, wanting a career onstage, and others enter the classroom super-shy and are just hoping to enjoy themselves and develop a sense of confidence. We celebrate that variety.

The kids are truly excited every semester to hear about the newly designed curriculum for our singing, dancing and acting classes in NYC and Westchester. Which new songs have we added to our music library for them to work on? … What will the group dance be? … Which character will they be in our original play? In our advanced program, what will my monologue or scene be?

We pack a whole lot of creativity and fun into a structured and nurturing program consisting of acting, dancing, and singing classes for kids in New York.

Although we have Success Stories to tell about students who have made it to stardom on Broadway or TV/Film, the most rewarding stories are the ones about children who take a big step and give us a bigger hug, or the parents in tears when children unexpectedly come out of their shells, or the child so excited about landing a good part in the school play.

That’s what Star Kidz is all about. Making a difference in the way children feel about themselves. Developing their self-esteem and skills as performers and nurturing their appreciation and respect for the performing arts.

There are so many reasons why Star Kidz students keep coming back to our singing, dancing and acting classes for children in Westchester and NYC!

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