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Star Kidz is a unique after-school performing arts program for girls and boys ages 3-18.  We emphasize the importance of maintaining a small student-to-teacher ratio. One of our core philosophies is that every child has a talent for creative expression. Some kids come in with tons of confidence, wanting a career onstage, and others enter the classroom super-shy and are just hoping to enjoy themselves and develop a sense of confidence. We celebrate that variety.


Star Kidz – Sing, Act, Dance


This is a drop-off class only. In this series of acting, singing, and dancing classes for kids in NYC & Westchester, we introduce them to music as a means of expressing themselves vocally, dramatically and through movement, with the goal of building confidence and poise. For many of these little ones, this class is their first opportunity to hold a working microphone. In each of these areas, we encourage the kids to feel comfortable within themselves to perform, an attribute that helps them in all areas of schooling and in growing up.


Children can pick from a wide variety of songs to sing. Fun and simple vocal exercises like animal sounds and scales get their mouth muscles moving and help convey the concept of pitch.


Throughout the semester, we engage the students in a variety of fun acting exercises and drama games that capture their creative attention. They learn the fundamentals of acting by creating characters, exploring emotions and using their imagination. They learn to work both individually and together as a group. No matter what they’re working on, our focus is always building confidence as well as having a blast!


As for the dance, we customize a routine that follows suit with their developing fine-motor skills. With all aspects of the program, we make great use of repetition to reinforce learning.

K-1st Grades 


Each week in our singing, dancing, acting classes for kids in Westchester & NYC, our kindergartners and 1st-graders rush into the classroom to announce what songs they can’t wait to sing! And now that they’re learning to read, the karaoke screen and printed lyrics reinforce that learning in a fun way.


As with all of our Star Kidz classes, in K/1 we give students the tools they need to prevent bad vocal habits — teaching them that their voice is an instrument and offering a beginner’s understanding of how vocal exercises work mouth muscles and reinforce pitch learning. We continue that work with age-appropriate song choices, happily expanding their repertoire to include Broadway songs from beloved shows, while many enjoy singing from shows they are doing in their school musicals. The result is an excitement that builds all semester long.


In their dance, they possess the kind of energy, expressiveness and eagerness to learn that not only makes it a blast for them, but also for our teachers! We engage them in a variety of drama games and improvisation. Every other week, we work on our original script, which you will see at their performance. Each session focuses on a different theme, using props/costumes to help them convey meaning in their work.


2nd-3rd Grades


By the time our Star Kidz reach the 2nd-3rd grade dancing, acting and singing classes for children in NYC & Westchester, they’re ready to kick it up a notch. They’ve learned to avoid bad vocal habits, and have gained a better understanding of how different vocal exercises strengthen different areas of their instrument.


Throughout the session, these students get the chance to show off their developing performance skills, making the kind of progress that goes hand in hand with improved reading skills. We give them the opportunity to memorize their scripts, and since performing a song or a scene from our play takes on more meaning for these students, we provide them with acting tips that get them thinking about character, emotion and setting. This is a precursor to our advanced program that begins in 4th grade.


For the dance portion, we give these older students more challenging moves than the younger classes — as they start to connect with putting their feet and arms together more — and we often choose a song that is currently popular so that they can’t wait to perform for family and friends on Performance Day!


Basic Dance Intensive – 4th – 8th Grades 

Our amazingly talented teacher, Natalie Colton will lead the class in multiple styles of dance, from Jazz and Tap, to Hip Hop and especially Musical Theater. This intensive class will focus on individual technique as well as the vocabulary, skills and confidence required for successful auditions. After a quick warm-up Natalie will break down the components of steps for each style. She will also challenge them with a short “audition-style” combination at the end of class.

This class will help students develop important performance skills to boost their confidence and enhance their presence onstage.

Advanced – 4th-6th Grades & 6th-8th Grades


Star Kidz is excited to offer our ADVANCED classes to those 4-5th and 6-8th grade students who are ready to take their singing and acting techniques to the next level. These classes will involve memorization and performing with an accompanist and will only focuses on singing and acting, not dance.


Geared toward serious-minded students who are willing to do the work that goes into furthering their creative expression, the focus of these singing & acting classes for children in NYC & Westchester is on learning essential skills for both performance and audition preparation, whether for their school plays, community theatre or professional productions.


Through in-depth character preparation using exercises that explore their inner selves, the students learn how to break down their songs, scenes or monologues in terms of emotions. Next, they learn to connect their words to those emotions — the mark of a good actor. By encouraging them to make personalized acting choices, the confidence they gain in how to approach dramatic material goes a long way toward elevating their stage presence.


Additionally, specific one-on-one training in voice technique emphasizes the importance of breath control, body alignment, the various spaces in the mouth, and proper palate and tongue placement. The students work with the vocal teacher to choose from our vast collection of songs across all genres for ones that suit them best, as well as with a performance coach who teaches the students staging and the art of telling a story through a song. During the session, the students also enjoy the collaborative experience of working with a piano accompanist.


This inspiring program of acting and singing classes for children in Westchester & NYC culminates in an intimate showcase for family and friends — complete with hors d’oeuvres and beverages — known as Cabaret Nite. Each student performs a full song with the accompanist, as well as a scene or monologue. From the grown-up curriculum to the grown-up venue, our Advanced students truly get a chance to shine!


Advanced Acting only – 5th Grade and up


This NEW Advanced Acting Intensive is geared towards young actors who are looking to take their acting skills to the next level. Students will participate in improvisation, movement and sensory exercises as they immerse themselves in the process of creating a character. The class will culminate in a performance of scenes, monologues, and improvisation.


Troupe By Audition Only


Master Classes TBD


Master Classes are limited time engagements with renowned coaches.


 Star Kidz is thrilled to announce a Master Vocal class with renowned NYC-based vocal coach Joyce Hall!


Joyce Hall has been the Master Vocal Coach of choice for celebrities including Julie Andrews, Lea Michele, Glenn Close, Richard Chamberlain, Anthony Quinn, Hayley Mills, Cathy Rigby, among others. She has taught Master Classes in schools and universities across the country. Her students appear in virtually all of the Broadway casts and tours as well as opera companies in the United States and Europe.


Ms. Hall’s own performance credits include leading roles in numerous Broadway musicals including The Music Man, The Boyfriend, The Sound Of Music, A Little Night Music, and Carousel. Her extensive operatic background includes leading roles with the San Francisco Opera, the touring company of the New York City Opera, Syracuse Opera, New Orleans Opera, Capitol Artists, and more.


Of particular note, both Alyson and Suzanne have spent years under Joyce’s tutelage, and are excited to bring her profound expertise to our Star Kidz students! Ms. Hall will offer two 90-minute workshops for girls & boys in 5th grade and up (maximum of 10 kids per class). Each student will be required to bring sheet music for two contrasting pieces of music. After an extensive group warm-up, Ms. Hall will work with each child individually. This is an unmatched opportunity to receive gold-standard vocal instruction in Westchester!


Place: 11 Highfield Rd., Harrison, NY (Alyson’s home vocal studio)


Requirements: Bring 2 pieces of contrasting sheet music (Ms. Hall will focus on 16 bars of each piece of music)


Cost: $50/student


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