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Whether or not your child craves the spotlight, Star Kidz accommodates a full spectrum of skill levels. We celebrate and encourage each student’s individual abilities.

-Alyson and Suzanne

2nd – 3rd Grade

Class Length: 1 Hour
*Note: All classes meet once a week.

By the time our Star Kidz reach the 2nd-3rd grade dancing, acting and singing classes for children in NYC & Westchester, they’re ready to kick it up a notch. They’ve learned to avoid bad vocal habits, and have gained a better understanding of how different vocal exercises strengthen different areas of their instrument.

Throughout the session, these students get the chance to show off their developing performance skills, making the kind of progress that goes hand in hand with improved reading skills. We give them the opportunity to memorize their scripts, and since performing a song or a scene from our play takes on more meaning for these students, we provide them with acting tips that get them thinking about character, emotion and setting. This is a precursor to our advanced program that begins in 4th grade.

For the dance portion, we give these older students more challenging moves than the younger classes — as they start to connect with putting their feet and arms together more — and we often choose a song that is currently popular so that they can’t wait to perform for family and friends on Performance Day!

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