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1.  How is Star Kidz different from other after-school performing arts programs?


What makes Star Kidz unique is our commitment to nurturing each child’s individual needs.  We emphasize the importance of maintaining a small student-to-teacher ratio.  One of our core philosophies is that every child has a talent for creative expression.  Some kids come in with tons of confidence, wanting a career onstage, and others enter the classroom super-shy and are just hoping to enjoy themselves and develop a sense of confidence.  We celebrate that variety.


2.  Is Star Kidz only for children who want to go into show business?


Not at all.  We encourage all kids to try our program – from “American Idol”, Broadway, or TV/Film hopefuls to those who just want to sing in the shower.  A Star Kidz foundation with singing, dancing, and acting classes builds our students’ confidence and talent in a way that other activities can’t.  Although we have many success stories to tell, the most rewarding stories are the ones about children who take a big step and give us a bigger hug, or the parents in tears when children unexpectedly come out of their shells, or the child so excited about landing a good part in the school play.  Whether it is in the classroom, at the Science Fair, in a school play, Community Theater, Broadway, or beyond, Star Kidz is the perfect place to advance your child’s performing skills and presence.


If your child’s is interested in pursuing professional opportunities in the performing arts, Star Kidz has long-standing relationships with New York City talent and casting agencies and management companies.  Any time our staff works with exceptional talent, we will make every effort to set up interviews, arrange a showcase or open call, or answer appropriate casting notices – always taking into consideration the parents’ and child’s willingness to participate.


3.  How does the program evolve from year to year (if my child wants to participate for consecutive years)?


Our core teaching principles and program curriculum evolve along with our students’ capacity for new and more challenging material and vocal and acting technique.  Our younger students are exposed to music as a means of expressing themselves vocally, dramatically and through dance, with the goal of building confidence and poise.  As they get older, our students are introduced to vocal tools they need to prevent bad habits and promote vocal strength and expression, and to acting strategies to develop characters and emotion through original scripts.  Likewise, our dance choreography becomes more complex as our students mature.


Our Advanced Program focuses on singing and acting only, with an emphasis on learning essential skills for performances and auditions. Students prepare scenes and/or monologues via in-depth character preparation and technical acting exercises.  Vocally, we teach specific skills and techniques such as breath control, voice projection and the art of telling a story through a song.


4.  Can I sit in on a class to observe my child’s progress?


Family members and guests are invited to observe students on Performance Day.  This is a fun way for kids to perform onstage without the pressure of a formal recital, and it’s a great opportunity to observe your child’s progress.  We have found that the presence of parents or caregivers in the classroom can be disruptive and distracting, especially for our youngest students, so our classes are drop-off only.


5.  How many kids are in each class?


We emphasize the importance of maintaining a small student-to-teacher ratio.  With the exception of our smaller Advanced and Pre-K programs, we have a target of 16 children and 2 teachers to allow every child to receive individualized attention in all areas of performance.


6.  Is the classroom environment competitive?


Absolutely not!  At Star Kidz, each student is celebrated for his or her unique brand of creativity in a nurturing and supportive environment.  Our teachers promote confidence-building and mutual respect among students, not competition.


7.  Do you have a program for boys?


All of our programs are geared equally towards boys and girls.


8.  How do you choose the right song for my child?


Our goal is to make your child shine onstage.  So we choose from songs that your child likes and knows best, and ultimately we’ll select one that sounds best for his or her voice.  As students advance, we encourage them to select songs that will challenge them vocally and emotionally.


9.  What if my child is not happy on the first day of class?


It takes some children longer to adjust to new challenges and environments.  If your child is anxious or unhappy on the first day of class, please don’t give up!  We take special care to attend to your child’s individual needs.  In our experience, children overcome initial apprehension quickly, and their enthusiasm continues to build throughout the session.  In fact, most of our students return to Star Kidz session after session and year after year.


10.  At Kol Ami, what is the difference between the “Gallery” and the “Auditorium”?


There’s no difference – just the location and, in some cases, performance date.  We offer the same curriculum in both rooms.


11.  Do you have a summer camp?


We do not currently offer a summer camp.

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