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What Parents Say

Samantha has been involved in many different activities, but this program of singing, dancing, & acting classes for kids in NY is by far the best. All because it is run by a caring, loving, talented group of people.”

— Michele, 2nd-3rd Grade Class Parent

I am so proud of my daughter. She just did THE SOUND OF MUSIC at her school and thanks to Star Kidz, her self-esteem has skyrocketed!”

— Jody, 2nd-3rd Grade Class Parent

I have tried to get my daughter to be interested in all kinds of after-school activities, and she didn’t like any of them. Then at camp this summer we heard about Star Kidz. I asked her and she said it sounds interesting so we decided to try it. After the first class, she walked out smiling from ear to ear and her whole face lit up: ‘Mommy this was the best class ever! I loved, loved, loved it! It was so much fun.’ The following Thursday, the first thing she said in the morning was, ‘Mommy, this is going to be my best day.’ When I asked her why she answered, ‘Because today I go to Star Kidz!'”

— Debbie, K-1st Grade Class Parent

Star Kidz has been an amazing experience for Danielle. She has grown as a singer, and more importantly as a person. She loves going to class more than you can imagine! Thank you for all you have done for her. She can’t wait for the next session to start!”

— Lynne, 5th Grade Class Parent

Just thought you should know that [my daughter] Andi says, ‘I wish I could go to Star Kidz everyday!'”

— Gigi, Pre-K Class Parent

Mayu loves everything at Star Kidz singing, dancing, & acting classes for children in NYC & Westchester! You make her feel so special. Thank you so much.”

— Yumiko, Kindergarten Class parent

I wanted to tell how much we all enjoyed the show! Finally after thousands of dollars spent and over 5 recitals… I was able to see the excitement in my daughters eyes… and the progress she is making! Thank you so much.. I know how hard you both worked :)”

– Christa, 2nd-3rd Grade Class Parent

Mommy made me mash my m and m. No fair. Unmm mommy is going to crazy as Ella hasn’t stop Singing that for 2 hours straight. She also is talking with her toungue all the way out of her mouth. Lol. Too funny.”

– Nancy, Pre-K Class Parent

What Students Say

Star Kidz is the best. Sometimes I wonder why everyone doesn’t do it!”

— Annie, 4th-6th Grade Class

Tuesdays are the best day because I get to go to Star Kidz!”

– Ally, Pre-K Class

I hate it when class is over. We have so much fun!”

— Cruz, K-1st Grade Class

I have tried many classes in the city and in Westchester and this is the best class ever!”

– Molly, K-1st Grade Class

I have been in Star Kidz for 3 semesters and I just love it. Each time a session begins, I can’t wait to see what the new play will be! Margo and Natalie are so encouraging and really help me a lot.”

– Lauren, 2nd-3rd Grade Class

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